Spring – Time To Start Making Wine…….

Spring – Time to Start Making Wine

As Winter becomes a distant memory and the weather warms up, the excitement is building at Grove Estate for what is to come. 

We are spending more time outdoors and the dormant grape vines are beginning to grow and sprout new life, all of this signalling the start of an extremely busy and crucial time in the vineyards at Grove Estate.   The rise in temperature sparks the growth of new shoots. The tiny buds swell and first leaves begin to unfold.  The season is underway for yet another year. 

At this time of year, the weather plays a crucial role in determining the quality and quantity of the resulting harvest.  The small shoots will soon blossom into groups of small flowers.  Fine and mild weather is what we pray for – and I am sure it is this time of year that turns our hair grey!   All focus is on protecting those tiny little shoots. We begin spraying to minimise any impact of disease, we mow the grass to lower the impact of any frost, and we start our canopy management program (which is the action of manipulating shoots, leaves and fruit for the betterment of vine and fruit quality).

By spraying we can ensure that the fruit produced is clean and fresh, in order to produce the best wine possible.  Canopy management allows us to manipulate the character and style of the vines, meaning we can adjust the grapes exposure to sunlight and adjust the temperature that the fruit may reach during the hottest days.. Canopying is managed through our pruning process and also by shoot thinning which allows us to remove excess shoots from non-productive parts of the vine.Spring is also the time to check our irrigation systems, and make sure the harvesters are in good repair and ready for the job ahead. Obviously Spring is a very busy and crucial time in the vineyard as we do everything we can to ensure that 2019 is another fantastic year for Grove Estate Wines.

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Cheers for now – Brian, Suellen and the Grove Estate Team.