Brian’s take on Winter in the Vineyard

Well bugger me, if it’s not that time again already when the so called sales and marketing team, (a team of one and a half humans and a dog) have bugged the hell out of me to write some words of wisdom to you all. So take note and order some wine, I am a farmer you know and there is a drought!

Looking out the car windows this morning all I can see is fog. The brains trust in the marketing department insists that I take photos every day to show you what it looks like in the vineyard.

Well I’ll just paint a picture in your mind instead, as there is nothing that my phone can do better than I.  So if you were reading this on a normal piece of paper (actually do something sensible right now and press print and then have this page framed as a keep sake) and imagine there was nothing written on the page. 

So you would have a blank page – then get your index finger and make it dirty (your finger I mean, so dip it in your red wine) and then just gently smudge two little marks on the blank page, about half way down in the centre about 40mm or one and a half inches long.  Now lick your finger again and run some wriggly parallel lines down about three quarters of the page and about an inch or 25mm apart.  Now get your finger really dirty and make a big round hole towards the bottom full of dirt.

Brilliant you have done it!  You have painted yourself a picture of our Nebbiolo block.
Actually the top four lines are Fiano.

You probably think the smudges in the middle are Windows (Kevin) and myself pruning.  They are not!  Those smudges are two very very pretty kangaroos that are eating the only bit of green pick left in Australia.  The bit you messed up, down the bottom, is our dam that is totally water less and dry and that is why you need no green or blue in this imaginative picture. And that is my reality and my picture or image for you today.

However it is Winter, and things do tend to go dormant (like my brain) and they have a rest and that is good.  Imagine if there was no rest (sorry city folk I forgot you may be reading this dribble) things would just keep growing.  My vines would take over the world.  We would have to drink so much just to keep up.  Wine everywhere and everybody full up.  An abundance of wine just because there was no rest during Winter.

Please help me by ordering some wine before we have no Winter.

I would suggest Red Wine or Cabernet Wine or Shiraz Wine or Nebbiolo Wine or maybe something like our Italian Blend.   Go to our website here to place your order or scroll down this newsletter to view some of our featured wines.  Don’t forget to use your VIP code for even more savings.  

That’s It!!!   Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up for all the great bargains!

Adios!!!    – Brian, Suellen and the team