Spring – Time To Start Making Wine…….

Spring – Time to Start Making Wine

As Winter becomes a distant memory and the weather warms up, the excitement is building at Grove Estate for what is to come. 

We are spending more time outdoors and the dormant grape vines are beginning to grow and sprout new life, all of this signalling the start of an extremely busy and crucial time in the vineyards at Grove Estate.   The rise in temperature sparks the growth of new shoots. The tiny buds swell and first leaves begin to unfold.  The season is underway for yet another year. 

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Brian’s take on Winter in the Vineyard

Well bugger me, if it’s not that time again already when the so called sales and marketing team, (a team of one and a half humans and a dog) have bugged the hell out of me to write some words of wisdom to you all. So take note and order some wine, I am a farmer you know and there is a drought!

Looking out the car windows this morning all I can see is fog. The brains trust in the marketing department insists that I take photos every day to show you what it looks like in the vineyard.

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