Wine Headaches
What causes them and how to help prevent them

Christmas is near… the party season is upon us… the celebrations are beginning to take place…  but no one wants the dreaded wine hangover…

Read on to find out what may cause wine headaches as well as some tips to help avoid them this festive season.

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Simple Tips for Pairing Wine with Food

There are many articles written about how to pair wine with food…. so what makes this article any different?

I don’t know about you but often after I read those articles, I am even more confused about which wine goes well with which food, then I was before I started reading. So here it is …. the most simple article for pairing wine with food. Print it out… keep it on your fridge… and you will never have to wonder again which wine goes with tonights dinner.

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The ABC of Wine Terms


School is in!

Think of this page as a Wine Dictionary for all the important wine terms.

‘Wine Speak’ can seem like a language of it’s own but once you get the hang of it and find a few words that work for you, we can all have better conversations about wine 🙂

So let’s get to class and start learning some of these wine terms that will help you understand why you like a certain wine or not. Plus, you will also become better at remembering the wines and styles of wine you prefer to taste, drink and buy.

Acidic: All wine has a certain amount of acidic which makes a wine feel fresh and gives it a lift. Too much acidic makes a wine taste sour and feel sharp and not enough will make a wine flat.

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How to Taste Wine Like a Professional

How to Taste Wine Like a Professional

Ok, so reading this article won’t really make you a professional wine taster but it will definitely get you started.

People have been tasting and judging the quality of different wines for thousands of years. Professional wine tasters have been making money from tasting and judging wines for more than 100 years. So what does it take to be a professional wine taster?

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7 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

We drink it with dinner, we drink it with friends, we drink it to celebrate life events, we look forward to it after a long day at work, it relaxes our mind and brings a smile to our face.  Yes we are talking about wine!  But did you know that moderate wine consumption can be good for your health. 

We’ve all heard that a glass of wine here and there is good for you …. but how exactly?

Before we talk health benefits however, lets talk ‘pour size’ and what is meant by moderate consumption.  While we may love our oversized wine glasses, medical experts don’t consider them a proper pour size.  Consuming too much alcohol will negate all the below health benefits.   The National Health and Medical Research Council states that two small glasses of wine per day is the maximum safe dose with further recommendation that no more than four standard drinks be consumed on any one occasion.   

Now that we have that sorted, grab yourself a glass and let’s talk health benefits of moderate consumption.

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