Our 3 Best Italian Reds and the 3 Delicious Italian Dishes to pair them with!

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The Nebbiolo features fierce tannins and acidity and its flavour profile ranges from cherry to rose to tar. This savoury smoky cherry boutique is tinged with such a strong structure, which pairs well with SPAGHETTI AGLIO E OLIO with that embracing olive oil, sharp garlic and red chili taste with a hint of green basil.


The 2017 Primitivo is from our original plantings of Primitivo planted in 1996. The vines now resemble a bush vine and with lots of hand thinning and trimming we are able to nurture this difficult variety into this lovely wine. It has a subtle spicy taste such as cinnamon, black pepper and liquorice and it pairs well with creamy dishes such as LINGUINE CARBONARA to offset the creaminess and bring out the flavour of the smoky bacon or guanciale.


The 2018 Italian is a blend of Sangiovese, Barbera and a touch of Fiano. “The Italian” is a light to medium bodied style made to be enjoyed as a young wine with food as per its Italian heritage. The Fiano is a new addition and this floral white variety adds a sense of mystique sexiness to the blend. This combination creates a high tannins and brings an acidity that will work perfectly with rich roasted meat, curried sausages, strong cheese and tomato-based sauces.

Smoke Taint In 2020 Makes for Difficult Times :(

Whilst it obviously doesn’t compare to the devastation experienced by so many during the recent bushfires, we were fully aware that the smoke haze that lingered through the Hilltops and neighbouring regions during the fires also posed a significant threat to our vineyards and our winemaking process this season. And unfortunately, we weren’t wrong!

For many local winemakers, such as ourselves, the smoke has had a devastating effect, penetrating our grapes and destroying 90% of our 2020 vintage. Yes they are our grapes in the photo, picked from the vine and lying useless on the ground.

How does smoke impact wine production?

Smoke from bushfires is made up of many chemical compounds and when the smoke sits on the skin of the grapes, the chemical compounds are absorbed by the grapes as they ripen. Then, when the grapes are crushed and begin to ferment, the smoke compounds are released into the wine.

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11 Interesting Wine Facts

11 Interesting Wine Facts

Given it is one of the oldest beverages known to man there are so many interesting and different facts about wine.  Some are very well known facts but here we will uncover some of the lesser known, but still interesting, facts about wine.   

1. Wine Used For Medicinal Purposes Since Ancient Times

Records as far back as Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, show that he always included wine as a cure when writing out his prescriptions. Right up until today research still shows that wine, particularly red wine, has many health benefits.

2. Wine is Almost a Guilt Free Beverage

Wine contains zero fat and no cholesterol. Wine is lower in carbohydrates than beer and dry wine is lower in carbohydrates and calories than sweet wine. So if you are watching your waistline choose a dry red or white wine.

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Wine Headaches

Wine Headaches
What causes them and how to help prevent them

Christmas is near… the party season is upon us… the celebrations are beginning to take place…  but no one wants the dreaded wine hangover…

Read on to find out what may cause wine headaches as well as some tips to help avoid them this festive season.

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Simple Tips for Pairing Wine with Food

Simple Tips for Pairing Wine with Food

There are many articles written about how to pair wine with food…. so what makes this article any different?

I don’t know about you but often after I read those articles, I am even more confused about which wine goes well with which food, then I was before I started reading. So here it is …. the most simple article for pairing wine with food. Print it out… keep it on your fridge… and you will never have to wonder again which wine goes with tonights dinner.

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